Attachment Parenting Philosophy

Attachment Parenting in Wioska Antypody There is no child, there is a human." - Korczak said. The child must be treated as a full-fledged citizen. As a person who has his subjectivity. The child has the right to his choices, to his mistakes, to his voice. So we take care of needs, requests, feelings. We do not stigmatize, we do not judge. We look for the cause of undesirable behavior and modulate it. We follow and accompany children.

Attachment parenting in childcare is an approach that emphasizes the importance of building a strong emotional bond between a caregiver and a child. This method focuses on meeting the child's needs promptly and responsively, ensuring that they feel secure and loved. In attachment parenting, caregivers prioritize physical closeness, such as babywearing and co-sleeping, to foster a sense of connection and trust. They also engage in frequent eye contact, gentle touch, and active listening to enhance communication and understanding. By practicing attachment parenting, caregivers aim to create a nurturing environment that promotes emotional well-being and healthy development in children. This approach recognizes that a secure attachment between a child and their caregiver lays the foundation for positive relationships and emotional resilience later in life.