Bilingual Education in Wioska Antypody

Bilingual education at Wioska Antypody is implemented by languages immersion. At Kindergarten we have polish speaking teacher and native English speaker. They cooperate during the day by using two languages at the same time. Children also spent around 2.5 hours during the day only with English Native to convince them to use only English language at this time. At Nursery we have classes called Musical English.

Learning English through immersion is a highly effective method that allows individuals to fully immerse themselves in the language and culture. By being surrounded by native English speakers and constantly hearing and speaking the language, learners are able to develop their fluency and proficiency in a natural and authentic manner. Immersion programs offer a unique opportunity to engage with the language on a daily basis, whether it be through conversations, reading, or watching movies. This constant exposure to English fosters a deeper understanding of the language's grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Additionally, immersion allows learners to gain insight into the cultural nuances and customs associated with English-speaking countries. Overall, English learning through immersion provides a comprehensive and immersive experience that accelerates language acquisition and promotes a deeper connection with the language.