Nurturing children's growth through attachment parenting and non-violent communication.


I am Victoria the owner and founder of Village Antipodes. In my private life, I am a partner of Rafal and a mother of an adorable 3-year-old Stas. My passion is traveling, which opened my eyes to the diversity of the world, independence and openness to others. I spent two years in Australia, studying and observing a different education than the one I knew in Poland. It made me realize that there are other ways of education and upbringing, more related to closeness and bonding. Wanting not only to educate but to accompany my son in discovering the world around him, I decided to set up a place to promote these values. This is how the idea of the Antipodes Village was born, where respect for the young person in the educational process is key.

At Wioska Antypody, we are a nursery and kindergarten that believes in attachment parenting and promoting non-violent communication in our society. We focus on the personal, social, and emotional development of children, and our goal is to create a bilingual learning environment.

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Our nursery is open from 7:30 till 17:30. It's a group of fifteen children from one to three years old. About them taking care three teachers - Olena, Nela and Patricia. With them cooperate our child psychologist - Marta.

We spent a lot of time outside in every season ( there is no bad whether - it is not adequate clothes). We have English classes and Gordon classes. We try to make some Reggio's provocations every day (we are focused on sensory processing).


Our kindergarten is open from 7:30 till 17:30. It's a maximum gruop of 20 children from 3 to 6. Already is 8 children (between 3-4 years)

In this group we have two teachers - Polish teacher - Paulina and Native English teacher - Lucy (from Kenya). They cooperate together during the day by using two languages in activities. The last 2.5 hours children stayed only with Lucy to be more focused on English.

We spent a lot of time outside in all seasons. We also make Reggio provocations. We don't say how to use some acessories or how to think or resolve problem. We accompany with this observe and ask supportive questions.

Children in this group have Joga classes with Klaudyna and TUS classes with Marta.

Entry Fee 1000zł

Tuition Fee 2600zł

Catering fee 19zł/per day

The first day of adaptation is the first day of the tuition fee.

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"The best kindergarten! Huge thanks to Paulina and Victoria for that."

- Daria

"Great place - involved caregivers, lots of art activities, etc., in the summer all time outside. You can see that the children are very happy there.."

- Ewa

"Very cool place for toddlers. There is a warm and caring atmosphere. The children have lots of creative activities that make them learn about the world very well. They are outdoor every day and exploring their surroundings. The adaptation process went smoothly thanks to great help and very good communication. I sincerely recommend this Village"

- Kasia

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Amount of foundation 185 238 zł

Total amount of task: 191,142. amount of funding: 185,238 from the grant Maluch+ 2022-2029.

The purpose of the task is to create a nursery for children under 3. Thanks to the funding, we were able to create a nursery for 15 children and equip it with the necessary furniture, sanitary equipment, leisure accessories, toys for children, teaching aids, a playground and parking. We are creating a beautiful space adapted to the needs of children, where they can learn about the world, develop and spend time safely.